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CITI 3 Higher Education Grantees


Framingham State College (with MassBay Community College and regional K-12) Contact: Scott Greenberg

Salem State College (with Northeast community colleges) Contact: Chris Mauriello


Salem State College, "Information Technology Across the Curriculum in Professional Graduate Programs", Contact: Chris Mauriello

Cape Cod Community College, "Healthcare Informatics Project", Contact: Susan Miller

University of Massachusetts Amherst, "Creating a Replicable Model for ITAC Certificates", Contact: Craig Nicolson

Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, "MCLA Instructional Technology Certificate Program", Contact: Dawn Rodrigues

CITI 2006/2007 Grant RFP Available

After travelling the state listening to educators, administrators and industry, we have put together an RFP that calls for the next wave of computing programs - spanning from ITAC to traditional CS/CE programs. The RFP is looking for two types of proposals - Innovating and Collaborating. The RFP can be downloaded here. Proposals may be submitted here.

Grant Awards 2005

In March of 2005 over $300,000 worth of grants to 14 higher education institutions were awarded. These projects are active through August 2006.


State-Wide Collaborative (through Worcester State College): Worcester State College, Salem State College, University of Massachusetts Amherst, Bristol Community College, and open to all public higher education institutions throughout the state. Contact Aparna Maharev, Worcester State College.

Northeast Collaborative (through Salem State College): Salem State College, Massachusetts Bay Community College, Middlesex Community College, Northern Essex Community College, North Shore Community College, and Roxbury Community Collge. Contact Christopher Mauriello, Salem State College.

Southeast Collaborative (through Bristol Community College): Bristol Community College, Massasoit Community College, Cape Cod Community College, Bridgewater State College, and University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. Contact Priscilla Grocer, Bristol Community College.

ITAC Program Strategic Investments:

Massachusetts Bay Community College

University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Worcester State College

University of Massachusetts Amherst

Framingham State College

Roxbury Community College

Northern Essex Community College

Cape Cod Community College


Grant Awards 2001

Faculty responded enthusiastically to our first statewide group of RFPs. CITI received grant proposals totaling over $2.3 million. 177 proposals were received from faculty at almost every public higher education institution in the state. 103 grants totaling over $1,000,000 were awarded. With these grants, faculty will update their computer science curriculum, incorporate IT education into non-technical disciplines, develop ways of sharing courses on a regional basis, and craft new articulation agreements.

List of Grant Awards and Descriptions:
Curriculum Enhancement Grants
IT Across the Curriculum Grants
Regional Cooperation Grants
UMass Amherst - IT Minor Grants

CITI Announces 2005 Higher Education Grants

The Commonwealth Information Technology Initiative (CITI) is pleased to announce the 2005 Higher Education Grants. The applications received totaled over $500,000 in excellent programs pushing the frontiers of information technology education at community colleges, state colleges and the University of Massachusetts. Over $300,000 in grants will be distributed to 14 campuses across Massachusetts and the partnerships will cover all interested public campuses in the Commonwealth.

The successful grant applications span from developing a foundation for an Information Technology Across the Curriculum (ITAC) program, to new cross disciplinary certificates and minors in IT, to a state wide partnership to combine resources to address common issues.

The partnership grants are:

Southeastern Massachusetts Regional Information Technology Across the Curriculum
Partnership Members: Bristol Community College, Massasoit Community College, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, Cape Cod Community College, and Bridgewater State College.
Building of existing foundations to provide an online Information Technology Certificate to students in each of the colleges through Massachusetts Colleges Online. Bridgewater and UMass Dartmouth will develop ITAC certificates to allow a seamless transition from the community college to four year college level. This program will also build a marketing toolkit to attract students to the program.

State-wide Partnership
Partnership Members: Worcester State College, Bristol Community College, Salem State College, University of Massachusetts Amherst and open to all public higher education institutions in Massachusetts.
This project includes building connections with industry for internships and recruitment relationships, developing student recruitment materials, creation of a statewide ITAC online course sharing compact.

Northeast Regional ITAC Collaborative
Partnership Members: Salem State College, Massachusetts Bay Community College, Middlesex Community College, Northern Essex Community College, North Shore Community College and Roxbury Community College.
Working together to help partners consolidate and institutionalize ITAC certificates, planning and drafting articulation agreements between the partners, developing student recruiting tools and better utilizing distance learning tools to leverage programs.

Individual Institutional Grants include:

Certificate in Information Technology Fluency
Framingham State College
Scott Greenburg
To develop an ITAC certificate for non-degree students. The certificate will be available to professional already in the workforce to continue life-long technology learning. This program builds on the existing ITAC minor at Framingham State College.

A Business-IT Certificate
Massachusetts Bay Community College
Suzanne Steiger-Escobar
To integrate technology into an existing business program to create a business certificate with a concentration in IT.

Information Technology Fluency for Development and English as a Second Language Certificate at Northern Essex Community College
Northern Essex Community College
Michael Pelletier
Development of a new Certificate in IT and IT fluency to be added to students existing program of study. This program will initially target students in Developmental Education and English as a Second Language programs.

The ITAC Forum
Roxbury Community College
Patrick Seyon
Prepare faculty to integrate technology across the curriculum, develop two integrated courses to be deliverd online, and to develop articulation agreements with four year colleges to increase the opportunities for minority students to access technology rich courses.

Project-Based IT Skills Integration into the Course Curriculum
Cape Cod Community College
Hemant Chikarme
To integrate technology tools into several courses and make course materials available over the web and on CDROM. Tutorials for the technology projects will also be developed. These courses will provide a base for the development of an ITAC program at Cape Cod Community College.

Strengthen ITAC Program Through an IT Capstone for Multidisciplinary Teams
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Mari Casteneda Paredes
Building on the existing multi-disciplinary minor, this project will develop a capstone course to provide seniors in the ITAC minor with the opportunity to solve real world IT problems.

Minor/Certificate in E-Commerce
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
Jan Bergandy
The creation of a new program that integrates business technology and social aspects of technology in a new minor/certificate program.

Strengthening of Existing IT minor at Worcester State College
Worcester State College
Karl Wurst
This project addresses necessary changes and enhancements to WSC‚s IT minor, including moving the minor to an interdisciplinary concentration in IT, developing additional core courses, identify additional course topics, develop online courses and develop marketing materials for student recruitment.


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